Friday, July 31, 1981

40. Beloit, Kansas

Day 40:  Friday, July 31, 1981
Stockton to Beloit:  70 miles

The days in Kansas are beginning to resemble a movie that I've seen half a dozen times.  I guess that's what we get for leaving the Bikecentennial Trail.

Agricultural education
Agricultural education

We just can't seem to shake that south wind.  The road turned north for four miles today, but we were traveling the same speed as the wind, and we baked.

Glen Elder Reservoir is about ten miles long and several miles wide.  It provides good recreational opportunities, but a farmer said that the people are being taxed too much for the little agricultural advantage it provides.

To celebrate Friday, we ate out tonight.  No beer, but I splurged and spent $9 on a strip steak.  I shouldn't have - it had too much gristle.  Jack played it safe with fried chicken.

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