Saturday, August 1, 1981

41. Clay Center, Kansas

Day 41:  Saturday, August 1, 1981

Beloit to Clay Center:  57 miles

We had a short day today.  And tomorrow will be even shorter.

Not much happened today.  We rode.  We stopped for a snack in Glasco and for lunch in Miltonvale.  In Clay Center, we met two bikers headed west.  They said they had had a lot of rain.  It sounds as if we've been several days behind the rain all across Kansas.

Corn and grain elevators
Look familiar?

At the airport outside Clay Center, I stopped to talk with two men who were finishing restoration on a pre-World War II Navy trainer biplane.  They said it had been in storage since 1949.

We had planned on a budget of $10/day to cover food and camping expenses.  It hasn't been working out.  Of course, I spent a bundle on new bicycle parts in Seattle, and then bought a new tent in Missoula.  Those expenses aside, it works out more like $20/day!

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