Wednesday, August 5, 1981

45. Pittsville, Missouri

Day 45:  Wednesday, August 5, 1981

Peculiar to Pittsville:  40 miles

Our daily average mileage has really been taking a beating lately.  We did only 40 miles today - because that's how far it was to the house of another of Jack's brothers.

Jack went one way, and I went by way of Lee's Summit, to visit Dale and Esther Kelley, who had been members of our church in South Bend, Indiana.  It had been eight years since I last saw them.  Dale is now 64 and retired, and doing fine.  Son Jim is 31 and lives in Lee's Summit, but I didn't get to meet him.  Nancy is 29 and has a law degree and is married to a lawyer in Jefferson City.  Maureen is studying some kind of engineering, and has a job right now on an Arco oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  Dale keeps busy puttering around.  He built a solar heat collector, and wants to build an underground house - maybe on Pomme de Terre Lake.  He'll be making a trip back to Niles soon to visit his twin brother, who lives on Barron Lake.

Just a creek
Just an interesting-looking creek

It was only 3:30 when I met Jack at Pittsville, some 20 miles east on Route 50.  His brother Bob picked us up an hour later, and after showering (for the second day in a row!), we drove over to Blue Springs with Bob's son and his wife for a barbecue dinner.

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