Thursday, August 13, 1981

53. Falls of Rough, Kentucky

Day 53:  Thursday, August 13, 1981
Sebree to Falls of Rough:  73 miles

Muddy waters
Muddy waters

tobacco ripening
Tobacco ripening in the field

If I had written these notes in the middle of the afternoon, I wouldn't have had much to write, because nothing much happened until we reached the Falls of Rough.

The Falls of Rough
The Falls of Rough

Cheap Cash Store
Cheap Cash Store
In 1832, a dam and mill were built on the Rough River.  The small community that grew up there became known as the Falls of Rough.  Today, the town is abandoned.  The mill, a general store/gas station, and post office still stand, but are in a state of neglect.  Five years ago, when Jack came through, the family that owns the town had hopes of finding a source of funds for restoration of the buildings.  Apparently, none was found.  It would make a great day-use picnic area and historic site, especially since it is only four miles from Rough River State Park.

The state park is a large recreation complex, with an airstrip, boating/swimming/fishing facilities, a nine-hole golf course, driving range, tennis courts, camping area, lodge, and cottages.  It is well-maintained, and seems to cater to upper-middle-class people.  Soon after Jack and I had selected a campsite, Choo Choo rolled in.  We pitched our tents on a bed of gravel, which made for pretty rough sleeping.

The family camped next to us was from Brown County, Indiana, where we go each year for the Hilly Hundred ride.  They were interested in cycling, so we spent several hours talking together.  I invited them to the Hilly Hundred - may see them there.

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