Tuesday, August 18, 1981

58. Booneville, Kentucky

Day 58:  Tuesday, August 18, 1981
Berea to Booneville:  60 miles

Here we are, back on the road again.  We slept in this morning (Choo Choo later than Jack and I, of course), and Lena fixed us pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  We parted about 10:00, Lena taking I-75 south to their home in Florida.  Choo Choo had lost her wallet in Hodgenville, so she stopped at a bank to get her traveler's checks replaced, and I changed a $100 bill and struck up a friendly conversation with a cute teller.

Jack's not too keen on following the Bikecentennial route.  He'd rather travel roads that are on a state map - they're not as hilly.  So we took an alternate route to Booneville, which was about 60 miles away.

Kudzu aplenty
Kudzu aplenty
Hills and curves
And hills and curves

Beautiful Kentucky roadside
Beautiful Kentucky roadside

Eastern Kentucky is much more hilly - we're getting back into the mountains.  Any available space is used to grow either corn or tobacco, with a few cows tossed in here and there.  And lots of litter tossed around all over the place.  Kentucky has the worst trash problem and most ill-maintained roadsides of any state I've seen.  I think I'll write a letter to Gov. John Y. Brown.

Booneville had no place to camp, but the police said that behind the Presbyterian Church was okay.  There wasn't much space to set up tents, but we managed.  After supper, we walked down the street to a dairy bar for dessert and toilet facilities.  Who ever said life's easy?

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