Tuesday, July 28, 1981

37. Goodland, Kansas

Day 37:  Tuesday, July 28, 1981

Flagler, Colorado to Goodland, Kansas:  75 miles


Today was pretty much like yesterday.  There's not much that's interesting in eastern Colorado.  Or western Kansas, either.

A solid cloud cover had moved in, and kept us cool until after noon.  It also gave us a stiff sidewind.

Clouds down to the ground
Clouds down to the ground

The towns here are about ten miles apart - we can see the grain elevators of the next town, no matter where we are.  As we go east, the terrain becomes flatter and greener.  It appears that rain has been abundant this year.

The wheat harvest here seems to be nearing an end.  In every town, the elevators are full and there are great piles of wheat outside on the ground.

We crossed into Kansas this afternoon.  Kansas is the Sunflower State, but it's in eastern Colorado where I've seen more of the wild plants, only 3' high with 4" flowers, growing along the road.

Wild sunflowers in Colorado
I wonder if they blew here from Kansas

We're on US 24 now.  It parallels I-70.  After going through Kanorado (on the state line), we stopped in Goodland, where I found three broken spokes in my rear wheel.  After repairs, we barely had time for supper before dark.  The days are noticeably shorter now.  But we cross into the Central time zone tomorrow, and that will push the dark back to 9:00 pm.

The KOA campground wanted $7 from us to put up a tent, so we stayed in the rest area across the road.  No showers, but we managed.  In Kansas, it's okay to camp overnight in rest areas, which are located about 30 miles apart on all the US highways.

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