Saturday, July 4, 1981

13. White Bird, Idaho

Day 13:  Saturday, July 4, 1981
Evergreen to White Bird, Idaho:  75 miles

This is one of those days that I never wrote notes on.  Here it is July 20, and I can't really remember what happened.

It was hot.  We followed the Little Salmon River and the Salmon River all day.  Both are very scenic rivers, and the Salmon is nice for raft trips.  Both are probably good fishing rivers.

White Bird in the valley
White Bird is nestled in that green valley.  The new highway bypasses the town. 
Rick had trouble with flat tires all day.  A motorcyclist who passed him stopped in White Bird and gave us a report on his progress, then turned around and ferried an inner tube back out to Rick.  Rick finally pulled in about 10:00 pm, escorted by the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle angel
Rick's angel on a motorcycle

We stayed at a campground that charged us $3 each.  That was considerably more than we've been paying.  I went up and argued with the owner.  It didn't accomplish much, but it made me feel better.
White Bird
The sleepy town of White Bird

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