Monday, July 27, 1981

36. Flagler, Colorado

Day 36:  Monday, July 27, 1981
Agate to Flagler:  55 miles

Today was pretty much like yesterday.  There's not much that's interesting in eastern Colorado.

We rode on I-70 for a while, because there were no side roads.  Then, when the frontage road started up again, it was so poorly maintained that we decided to go back to the Interstate.  But after a few miles, a county sheriff suggested that we use the side road anyway.

Rustic rotary turbine
Rustic rotary turbine

Kansas grain elevator
One of the highlights of Kansas

While we were stopped for lunch in Genoa, a summer thundershower moved across from the west.  We stayed dry, but were left with strong southerly winds that didn't help us at all.  By the time we reached Flagler, we were ready to find a camping spot.

One of the ladies at the grocery store offered her back yard, and we took her up on it, since the town would not let us pitch a tent in the town park.  She had a nice family:  we got showers, TV, conversation, and carrot cake as well as a place to sleep.

Strange:  it wasn't until eastern Colorado that we saw cactus.

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