Thursday, July 16, 1981

25. Lander, Wyoming

Day 25:  Thursday, July 16, 1981
DuBois to Lander:  70 miles

I rode alone today.  DuBois was a mail drop for me, and the post office didn't open until 8:30.  Everyone else had left at 7:30.  As it turned out, there was no mail for me anyway.

Then I rode an extra four miles to help a trucker who had run out of gas; spent two hours in Crowheart talking with a man about the stock market; and had another flat.  That makes four inner tubes which have blown out right at the valve stem.

Name these flowers!
Name these flowers!

The route included six miles of road under construction - very bumpy and muddy.  But I got a lift from a guy in a pickup truck, and saved an hour of torture.

More red cliffs
More red cliffs

And even more red cliffs
And even more

The red and white cliffs of sandstone continued about ten miles past DuBois, then turned into a hot, dry valley.  Our tailwind of yesterday had changed to a headwind; progress was slowed, but not much.  Still, the others beat me into camp by two hours.

We're spending the night in the city park.  It's cheap:  $2 for all four of us, but the facilities are terrible.  At least the ground is level.

We covered about 70 miles today.  It looks as if that's going to be our average day.  We've had only one rest day so far - in Missoula.  If we keep up our current pace, we should arrive in Yorktown about the first of September, three weeks ahead of schedule.  Maybe I'll get home in time to do DALMAC!

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