Monday, July 6, 1981

15. Lochsa Lodge, Idaho

Day 15:  Monday, July 6, 1981
Syringa to Lochsa Lodge, Idaho:  72 miles

This is another day for which I'm writing notes on July 20.  So all I can remember is the high points of the day.

Clearwater River
Mists along the Clearwater River

A thunderstorm sneaked up behind us.  Luckily, we were able to crawl under a bridge.  We even got some hail.  After that, it drizzled most of the day, getting harder and harder until we were pretty miserable.

No trolls here!
No trolls here!

Before the thunderstorm, we stopped at a ranger station that had been established back in the twenties, and that had been restored to that period.

Lolo Hot Springs
Rick navigates the banks at Lolo Hot Springs

Rick and I made a 1½-mile excursion over a bridle trail to visit some hot springs.  The springs were rather disappointing, but we went skinny-dipping anyway.  The water trickled out of a river bank and into the river, and prior visitors had created rock dams in an attempt to establish small pools to soak in.  There apparently was a family just around the corner from us - we glimpsed a nubile maiden, who didn't stay out in the open too long, and we weren't brave enough to splash over and introduce ourselves.  A small wheelchair was at the top of the bank.  They must have exhausted themselves pushing and carrying it all the way back from the highway in the hope of obtaining ease or a possible cure for their child.

Lochsa Lodge
Rustic accomodations at Lochsa Lodge

Since we were soaking wet by the time we reached camp, nobody was interested in setting up tents in the rain.  Luckily, there happened to be a lodge just up the road.  We rented a rustic cabin for the night ($22, with saggy feather mattresses aplenty), and had supper at the lodge.  It had been built about 1927, and had an air about it that reminded me of some of those 1930s movies with people like Ronald Colman and Claudette Colbert, except it had a TV.  It made for a good end to a miserable day.

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