Saturday, July 25, 1981

34. Denver yet again

Day 34:  Saturday, July 25, 1981

Jack was pretty upset with me today.

I put in a couple hours' work on the hostel's screen door this morning, then went with Jack and Rick to do our laundry.  Jack didn't appreciate waiting on me while I worked on the door, although he didn't say anything at the time.

UP 4-8-4 Locomotive #8444
UP 4-8-4 Locomotive #8444
at Union Station
While Jack spent the day at the Museum of Natural History, Rick and I went to Union Station for its centenary celebration.  The station serves six railroads.  Union Pacific had its 4-8-2 steam locomotive #8444 [restored to its original #844 in 1989] down from Wyoming for the occasion, and several railroads had diesel locomotives and cabooses on display.  The O-gauge model railroad club has its layout in the basement of the station.  It's a fantastic setup, with great scenery work.  It has about 21 scale miles of standard-gauge track, and 18 miles of narrow-gauge.

UP 4-8-4 Locomotive #8444
Lookit them drivers!

After we got back to the hostel, I biked to a lumber yard for some materials for the screen door.  When I got back, it was 6:30.  Jack was waiting on the porch.  He had expected me back at 5:00 for supper.  I wish I had known.

Jack's an early riser, eager to get on the road.  He doesn't take as much time as I do to stop and sightsee.  I tend to go to the other extreme, spending too much time on any given activity.  Jack's a better manager of time than I am.  This leads to some conflicts.  C'est la vie.

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