Tuesday, September 8, 1981

79. Home: Lansing, Michigan

Day 79:  Tuesday, September 8, 1981
Home:  Marietta to Lansing

Today's notes are being written 32 years after they occurred.  And, given my advanced senility, I of course can't remember most of the details.  Such as whether this really happened on September 8.  So I could make up something really outlandish - a slam-bang ending to my big journey - and nobody would be the wiser.


I do remember that Mary and I did not really have that much in common, and I'm not that much of a conversationalist, so the trip home was pretty quiet.  She lives in a suburb of Cleveland, so if we made the 700 miles from Atlanta in one day, it would have been a pretty long trip.  Mary drove me to the bus station, I threw my bike on board, and was home some five hours later.  It was a low-key ending to a rewarding summer adventure.  At least Catastrophe (my cat) was glad to see me.

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